Bamboo can seem temperamental inside buildings. The main limitation is getting enough light. Next to a sunny window is easy, moving away from the light increases likelihood of problems with pests attacking weakened bamboo.  Allow a minimum light value of around 10,000 Lux (1,000 foot-candles).

With good light, bamboo will flourish indoors

1. Keep root zone moist and well drained

2. Adequately fed (too much fertilizer will harm your bamboo), use a slow release containing trace elements. A bonus fortnightly spray of the foliage with well diluted Maxicrop or similar food/tonic will be rewarded.

3. Is there adequate ventilation?

4. If you can manage, spray the leaves with water to wash off any dust. Better still take the whole plant outside on an overcast day and wash down.

Well maintained bamboo will be robust and can repel pests.

Healthy bamboo inside your office is a joy. This species is Temple Bamboo

The main pest indoors is Red Spider Mite. We use Bugs for Bugs for control without using poisons.

Suitable species

Each species shown has different light requirements. Ask us for more information.

Red Tongue, grows to 1.5 metres. Temple Bamboo, see picture above.  Fortune Inviting Bamboo, grows to 0.5 metres. Black Bamboo, trim to preferred height. Malay Pygmy around 0.6 metre.

Plan ahead – design planters into your next building

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atrium planter
horizontal culms
happy indoors

It’s always a happy surprise to see bamboo growing indoors

Please consider Mr Bamboo for maintenance and installing around Sydney.